#27: Izzy Ahrbeck of Business of Purpose | How can a purpose-minded community drive the sustainable transformation?

The purpose-driven expert on all things sustainability and innovation joins us for a nerdy and fun purpose talk. Tune in and enjoy!

A „global advocate for future-proofed frameworks“ – behind this rather abstract and fancy description, Izzy Ahrbeck works tirelessly for TrendWatching, one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms since 2002, and its sister-brand Business of Purpose – always in search of the latest purpose-driven trends and sustainable innovations.

Deep-diving into and covering the whole topic range from empathetic leadership to intersectional environmentalism, Izzy is literally a Master of Business in Sustainable Business & Innovation – having lived in eight countries all over the world and also co-creating sustainable business strategies.

Join our nerdy and fun convo with the Berlin-based purpose expert and learn all about the latest sustainable trends, which developments you should follow and why purpose-driven businesses are the future.

Tune in and have fun!

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