#17: Ynzo van Zanten of Tony’s Chocolonely | Can chocolate change the world?

Making chocolate slave-free – this is the mission of Tony’s Chocolonely, the Dutch chocolate company that wants to change the world.

Everybody in the world loves chocolate. But are you aware where it actually comes from and how it’s made? Ynzo van Zanten, Chief Evangelist @ Tony’s Chocolonely, is on a mission to raise awareness for today’s main problem within the cocoa industry: illegal child labor. 60 % of the world’s chocolate today is grown in West Africa – mainly in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, where more than 1.5 million children are forced to work and suffer from modern slavery.

In our talk, Ynzo shares his thoughts on why chocolate and child labor have become so intertwined, how a more ethical chocolate industry could look like and what every single one of us can do in order to contribute to a 100 % slave free cocoa supply chain. Tune in and learn how you also can help to inspire change. Have fun!

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Tony’s Chocolonely

You can join the fight for a more ethical chocolate industry by signing this petition!

Tony’s Chocolonely’s most recent annual fair report can be read and found here

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