#10: Virginia Yanquilevich of Dopper

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„The bottle is the message!“ Dopper’s CEO lives and breathes the companies‘ mission: reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and bring clean drinking water where people need it most. Tune in!

About twenty years ago, Virginia moved from Argentina to the Netherlands for love. Sine then being successful in multiple journalism, marketing and commercial job roles, she was nevertheless always eager to at some point realize a childhood passion of hers: helping others and doing something for a greater good.

Today, the CEO of Dopper lives and breathes the companies‘ mission: to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and bring clean drinking water to where it is needed. Eager to move away from the throwaway lifestyle within our society and with initiatives like the „Dopper Wave“ in order to ban single-use plastic, the certified Dutch B Corp is a leader in inspiring societal change – one reduced plastic bottle at a time.

Listen to a truly insightful and passionate conversation about detours in finding your own purpose, the origin and mission of Dopper and why it is inevitable that we must change our behavior in order to make the world a better place. Veel plezier!

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