#67 Lubomila Jordanova von Plan A | What’s the purpose of decarbonization?

Yes, you see it right – Purpose Projects is back in English!

Our business world is not doing great at fighting the climate crisis by reducing emissions. There is no Planet B – yet many companies continue with business as usual, even increasing their CO2 footprints.

But there are also good news: Instead of complaining, companies like Plan A are making an impact and real transformational change. Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and co-founder of Plan A and cofounder of the Greentech Alliance, is a leading figure in the European Startup Ecosystem relating to Climate Change. Lubomila is also our guest on this episode in order to talk about her purpose, Plan A’s mission to empower companies on their journey to carbon positivity, how decarbonization actually works and why she loves Costa Rica, Jazz and Italo Pop.

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